Be part of the first latino community based on NFTs that will create an animated series, a decentralized autonomous production company and a space in the metaverse.

WHaT is

10,000 Wakas fly carefree across the world proudly sharing the colors and culture of Wakalandia.

WHat Are

Each of the 10,000 Wakas are a unique NFT (non-fungible token), randomly generated by combining more than 200 different attributes, such as plumage, tails, eyes, beaks, hats, shirts, accessories, color backgrounds and the breathtaking landscapes of Wakalandia, which all determine its rarity degree.

What is

Over the Venezuelan skies, the guacayamayas (tropical macaws) roam free. Exotic birds that, like so many Venezuelans, take flight to display their joyful colors.

This is the inspiration for the Wakas, first devised in 2017 in the children's book Where is Venezuela? from Meollo Criollo, written by Nacho Palacios and illustrated by Leo Nieves.

The guacamayas spark fascination and fondness between children and adults alike, and they have long been a Venezuelan symbol of pride and belonging.

WHaT is

The message of the Meollo Criollo books is that "Venezuela will always be where a Venezuelan stands." This, in turn, inspires Wakalandia´s three objectives:

  1. To have an NFT that represents our attachment, a unique avatar to display our cultural pride on social media
  2. To establish a community that supports the creation of content that promotes Venezuelan identity, starting with the animated series of Wakalandia.
  3. To build up Wakalandia in the metaverse as a meeting point for Venezuelans everywhere, as a virtual space where they can share and attend events, concerts and exclusive parties.

BeNeFiTS of

Each Waka is a unique NFT where, besides their own artistic value, represents Venezuelan pride for their land and culture.
We will show our commitment to Venezuela by making regular donations to foundations and social organizations working tirelessly to find solutions to our country's most pressing issues.
We will create the first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Production Company in the country, dedicated to creating content that promotes Venezuelan identity. The first of these projects will be the animated series Wakalandia, based on the Wakas, to be followed up by other projects approved by holders, who will receive a percentage of the profits that these generate.
We will be co-owners of Wakalandia in the metaverse, on top of having exclusive access to special events, in-person or virtually through VIVOplay.



Take off…
  • Each new Waka receives a special edition of the trilogy "Where is Venezula?" from Meollo Criollo.
  • They also receive a yearly subscription to VIVOplay, to be connected to Venezuela and have access to the events online, where ever they are.
Flying together…
  • We will make donations to various foundations in Venezuela.
  • We will reveal official Wakalandia merch.
Halfway through the journey…
  • We will begin production on the Wakalandia animated series!
  • We will announce special events for the Wakas (in-person and/or virtual).
The flight continues…
  • We will buy land in the metaverse to begin building the first phase of Wakalandia.
  • We will form the first DAO Production Company in the country to create and support projects that promote Venezuelan identity.
Flying high…
  • We will inaugurate Wakalandia's first phase in the metaverse with an exclusive event to see a preview of the animated series of Wakalandia, as well as to vote on the projects put forth by our holders to be selected as the next one to go into production.

In our Flight Plan 2.0 we will start production on the next animated series chosen by the community and with the expansion of Wakalandia in the metaverse!

Who IS

Creative Director










Illustration assistant






William Mazo
Web Developer

NewS From

Carousel controller

Do You HaVE MorE

NFTs or "non - fungible tokens" are digital certificates registered in the blockchain technology (chain of blocks), which have the ability to guarantee the uniqueness, authenticity and ownership of a digital or physical asset.
The Blockchain or "chain of blocks" is a distributed, decentralized and synchronized information registration system, which is impossible to change or hack. Blockchain is the technology that holds digital assets.
Ethereum is a protocol that uses the concept of smart contracts (autonomous and decentralized programs) in blockchain technology, developing applications for an infinite number of uses. “Ether”, its native cryptocurrency, is the second largest in the market, and has utility and financial applications in smart contracts and applications built on Ethereum.
Because the "ether" (Ethereum digital currency) is currently the most important cryptocurrency in the smart contract protocols used for the creation and minting (mint) of NFTs, in addition to having a connection with the largest marketplaces and major NFTs like OpenSea and Rariable.
A DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a revolutionary way of forming organizations, making use of smart contracts or autonomous programs on a blockchain platform, which provides the organization or society with the capacity for decentralized governance among all members of the organization. the organization, making decisions of common interest in a democratic way that are safe, transparent and immutable. It also allows the distribution of benefits resulting from the activity of the DAO in an equitable and transparent manner, autonomously and automatically, in the portfolios of each participant.
The metaverse is a digital reality that we access through devices such as computers, cell phones, virtual or augmented reality glasses and where we can interact with other users. There are multiple settings and environments in the metaverse, where humans can interact socially and economically as avatars. An example of the most famous decentralized environments built on top of blockchains are Decentraland and Sandbox. In a metaverse setting, you can use NFTs as titles or digital ownership interests over land, property, artwork, or access levels.
In order to buy or mint an NFT, you must first have an active account in a wallet (digital wallet) connected to the blockchain. You can use the METAMASK wallet, in this tutorial you can see the steps to download and create a wallet. To buy or mint an NFT you must load the wallet with ETH.
You must open an account in a licensed digital assets exchange house (Crypto-Exchange) where you can exchange your FIA fiduciary money (dollars, bolivars, euros, etc.) for some cryptocurrency, including "ETH" from ethereum.

We recommend CoinCoinX / or Binance Once you have purchased your ETHERS you must send them to your METAMASK wallet using the public delivery address.

On our official WAKALANDIA page you can buy ETHs safely with your international credit or debit card at the CHANGELLY exchange house button and send them to your METAMASK wallet address.

Buying an NFT is like minting a new currency, when you make a MINT the NFT is minted as an asset to the block chain and all its transaction history will remain recorded on the blockchain immutably.
Through our website on the "MINT" button, which will be activated once the pre-sale and public sale are announced.
Yes. Your Waka after being coined “MINT” can be sold on marketplaces that connect to your decentralized wallet like OpenSea or Rarible. The Wakalandia DAO will receive royalties for the resale of all NFTs on the secondary market and a percentage will be distributed equally among WAKAS holders.
“Discord” is the social network used in the world of NFTs, so to stay up to date with our community you must enter our secure DISCORD server here.
By owning a Waka you immediately become part of the Wakalandia DAO whose mission is to produce, distribute and sell original content financed by Wakalandia to creators who want to promote Venezuelan values ​​and culture (novels, movies, series, cartoons, etc.).

In addition, the ownership of your WAKA gives you access to WAKALANDIA in the METAVERSE where a meeting point for Venezuelan culture and values ​​will be built. There, all the holders of a WAKA will be able to attend concerts, events, exhibitions that will be held at the Wakalandia headquarters in the metaverse and in the different cities of the world with Venezuelan creators, artists and performers. All profits generated from these events and shows will be reinvested in the creation of DAO Wakalandia content and a percentage will be shared equally among WAKAS owners. You can see the details of the benefits in our Flight Plan

Of course yes! If you are part of Wakalandia you will be supporting the creation of the first Decentralized Audiovisual Production Company in the country and the foundation of the first meeting place for a group of compatriots in the Metaverse, in addition to receiving the different benefits that you can see in our Flight Plan
You will receive all the benefits of being part of Wakalandia directly in your digital wallet anywhere in the world. In the case of physical benefits, they will be sent to the address you indicate. Regarding the events, they will be broadcast via streaming through the VIVOplay platform and you will be able to enter with your credentials that we will send you for being the owner of a WAKA, as well as the face-to-face events where you can attend the Wakalandia VIP area.
No, anyone can be a part of Wakalandia! Our community is proud of its roots, but we want everyone to be part of the benefits of being a Waka owner because we are sure that our creators have generated and will continue to generate content that is attractive to all communities on the planet, especially to Latinos.


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